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Friday, December 4, 2009

OHS Reunion Meeting minutes - Nov 7, 2009

OHS Reunion Meeting
November 7, 2009—1:00 p.m.
The Avalon

Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko
Steering Committee in Attendance: Paul Beeksma , Ann Green, Linda Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, and Mary Piff
Excused: Nikki Gregoire and Bill Radosevich
Others in Attendance: Adele Korbein, Fran Snippen, and Nancy Walker.

Minutes of the September 17, 2009, minutes were reviewed. Treasurer’s report should have read $448.58 instead of $488.58. Correction was made. Linda Lindahl made a motion to accept. Nancy Walker seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ann Green. We have $3,703.71 in bank. Ann listed the newest donations that came in.

PayPal is ready to go. We have an account with Northern State Bank. Before we can run it live, documentation stating we are a non-profit organization needs to be sent (Bill is doing that). Nancy Pagac made a motion to accept; Mary Piff seconded. Motion passed.

Terry requested committees establish a budget they will need—have this ready for the next meeting.


Cookbook: Fran gave the report. She stated that cookbooks are at the printers. Fran read the introduction that is included in the book. The first printing is planned for the first week in December. We will not get quotes from the printers until next week. Discussion was held on amount to order. Linda made a motion to authorize Fran to order the minimum amount of cookbooks but not to exceed 500. Motion was seconded by Ann. Motion passed.

Fran will find outlets to sell the cookbooks locally. These outlets will be advertised on the website and in the newspaper.

Shipping costs were discussed. Ann volunteered to work with the mailing of these books.

Food: Mary gave the report. Committee is looking for caterers. Sharon Margetta Chilakas would possibly do the catering if Benoit Community Center and the Civic Center have kitchen licenses. It was thought that both do have a license.

Committee has secured the Cornucopia fish boil group for the Friday evening fish boil. They need to be kept updated on the amount of attendance.

Mary distributed a form stating what menu was available each evening and the cost. Friday evening was a choice of the fish boil or a picnic-style menu. Saturday was a choice of spaghetti or bean burgers and wiener roll-ups. Suggestion was made to have the two menus for Saturday combined and set up as a school lunchroom style and to have one flat fee. Friday evening could remain the same. Mary will bring this back to her committee and will also provide estimates from other caterers.

The operation of the Huff Store was discussed. Mary asked what we had in mind for it. Would it be just candy or would it be used as the venue to sell souvenirs, etc.? We would have the original Huff store sign in a prominent place and keep the style simple.

Nancy Walker was asked by Vern Gilles if the Community Center could hold a pancake breakfast on Saturday morning in Benoit. Decision made by committee was that if a separate group wanted to host this event, they could as it would dovetail nicely with the reunion plans. It could be publicized on the website.

Nuts & Bolts: Paul gave the report.
His committee felt there would be enough land available for the Friday event for cars. Volunteers could shuttle the people from their cars to the community center (4-wheelers, hay wagons, etc.)

There will be a handicapped parking lot. We should ask on the registration form if attendees have any special needs.

A map was suggested of the parking locations (to be added to the registration material).

Decoration/Hospitality: Linda gave the report.

The idea of silhouettes might not work at the Civic Center because of its size. Several ideas are still being looked at.

A “photo op” area was suggested. Perhaps use a cut-out poster for attendees to put their head in and have a picture taken.

People might have videos of events that occurred at Ondossagon that could be shown in a special area. There was also an idea for classes to have designated areas around the outside perimeter of the Civic Center to view their memorabilia.

Balloon stomping event was discussed. The liability factor was a concern.

A memory wall of classmates that have passed on will be handled by Tom Brenholt.

Registration: Adele reported. The committee has enough volunteers to help with the registration tables for the day of the events. They will have packets at registration tables on Friday in Benoit and Saturday at the Civic Center. Nametags will be in the packets. Ann showed a sample of the tote bag.

The will use the plastic nametags. A suggestion was made to use lanyards. Perhaps one of our sponsors would sponsor these.

Terry shared information he secured from Erickson Postcards and Souvenirs. They currently provide postcards to the Visitor Center. Some suggested ideas were to sell them at the Historical Society, Chamber of Commerce, or Ashland Museum. These could be added to the registration packets.

Souvenirs/Theme//Auction: Nancy Walker distributed the minutes of their last meeting.

David Hnath will have the design for the t-shirts completed after Christmas. He will create two. A Heart Graphics representative would be willing to come to a meeting to show ideas, explain costs, etc. They would show examples once the design has been created.

An article on the auction was in the Ashland Daily Press. David and Robyn Lulich have been great to work with. They will store any items that come in. The committee is requesting artists to paint milk cans with an artist flair for the auction.

The committee needs commitments from donators.

History Book: Jan read a report from Ed Augustine (chairperson). The process is going well. Ordering information should be available on the web by early December. It will be 160 pages. There were lists in the last Beacon that included Homecoming and Prom royalty, Blue and Gold editors, Beacon editors, Fine Arts honors, sports records, FFA awards, a written history, and a time line (among other things). The pages that will be added will contain photos and historical information covering such things as Fine Arts, Administration, Faculty, Support Staff, Pep Band, Huff’s Store, State Champs in sports, and memorable and unique photos.

There are no plans for an electronic copy.

Perhaps after the publishing, an addendum or extra edition could be created showing pictures of the event. This could also include any errors or omissions.

Website: Jan gave the report. There have been some delays in the website getting populated. The website is the key to getting the updates, ordering, and marketing of the event.

There are no plans for an electronic copy.

Fundraising: Terry gave the report. He reported that we now have enough funds to cover the cost of printing the cookbook.

Perhaps a good idea would be to add sponsors’ names to the registration packet. There could be a 2010 Blue and Gold listing all the information we need to get out to attendees..

Gift certificates were suggested as a fundraiser.

We will need to begin working on a registration form.

PROPOSED SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: Terry reported on the core parts of events:

The addition of having the Pep Band perform is now on the event schedule. Larry Hansen has agreed to direct it. Paul will work to make sure this event will happen.

Julie Moravchik has agreed to emcee the Saturday evening event.

The committee has agreed that a video would be beneficial to the event. It is the hope that we will have interviews with the faculty and administration, followed by footage of the reunion. It would be for sale following the reunion. We are looking for some expertise in this area. Jan will contact Julie for assistance. Paul also would contact his brother for direction.

The idea was presented to ask state Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen to give a proclamation to support the Benoit Community Center. He is an alumnus of the school.


“A Piece of Ondossagon” taken from wood floors currently at Ondossagon is still a possibility. Terry will get an answer by the first week of December.

There will be monthly articles sent to the Daily Press. Jan asked for ideas. We would like to have press releases to other newspapers in the large market. We need to seek out persons with experience that may be able to help us.

The Benoit Museum display was discussed. Jane Lajcak Asbach has volunteered to help organize the display. It was suggested that she should contact the Port Wing Heritage Center to use as a sample. She should contact Vern Gilles and the board there first for funding .

Next meeting dates: Thursday, December 3, 2009, at 6:30 p.m. at the Vaughn Library and January 14, 2010, at 6:30 at the Vaughn Library.

Motion to adjourn was made by Linda; seconded by Mary. Motion passed

Meeting adjourned.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photos and Memorabilia Wanted!

Would you like to display information from your class at the Aug 7, 2010 Ondossagon Reunion?

I am searching for class members to display photos and memorabilia in a 5-7 foot area on the plexi glass walls around the interior of the cvic center. Please contact me if you are interested in participating in this project.

I am also searching for photos on discs from all classes. Do you have one from your last class reunion or can you burn one from photos you may have?

Please respond by commenting here.

Linda Nelson Lindahl
Class of 1966

Monday, September 7, 2009

Show us your Ondossagon Photos!

We have a growing online Ondossagon photo album at:

Fwd: Emailing: '09 Fourth 015

Do you have some photos to share? We'd LOVE to see 'em!
You can add your own photos to the online photo album by emailing them to: ondossagon@gmail.com and make sure the subject line includes the word "photo".

Please include info about the photo in the email - especially names of people in the photo, the year (if possible) and any other info about the photo.

PS: Just an FYI - Our photo album is part of Yahoo. If you have a Yahoo account, you can sign in and comment on the photos. (Yahoo accounts are free.)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Then and Now

Paul Broten (OHS '53) recently emailed these two pictures to our Ondossagon photo album

Class of '53

Hello fellow AGGIES. These are a couple of photos of the class of 1953. The one with the gowns of course is when we graduated. The other is of a class reunion, probably around 1983 or 1988. Perhaps someone can ask around to put a name to everyone.

Your fellow AGGIE,
Paul Broten - Class of 53

Class of '53... in the 1980's

How neat is that?
Do you have any "Then and Now" pictures you'd like to share?
Email them to ondossagon@gmail.com and use the word PHOTO in the subject line.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


I remember taking pictures of the freshman initiation when I was a sophmore. Some were even good enough to make it to that years year book.
I remember a perfect season in basketball my junior year even tho I could not make a basket to save me.
I also remember Nov 23, 1963 being in typing class with Mr Larson when we found out that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, then the period ended I walked across the hall to Mr Johnson's 1st year Spanish class only to have a follow-up anouncement saying that he died.

Gary L Pade

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

1940 Class Song and Class Roster

Class of 1940 Roster and Class Song

Thank you to Dot (Laurion) Bourgo for sharing these song lyrics and the 1940 class roster!

Monday, May 4, 2009

OHS Reunion Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

OHS Reunion Steering Committee Meeting
April 25, 2009

Presiding: Jan Lumberg Kupczyk and Terry Torkko
Others in Attendance: Paul Beeksma, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Linda Nelson Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, Bill Radosevich
Guest: Fran Bizub Snippen
Excused: Ann Bannister Green

Minutes of the March 7, 2009, meeting were reviewed. Nikki made a motion to accept; Linda seconded.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Terry in place of Ann. Nancy made a motion to accept; Nikki seconded.


Terry advised the subcommittees are semi autonomous. The steering team needs to be kept informed to allow for proper coordination of committees and executing the reunion plans.

Cookbook: Fran Snippen discussed the various choices for putting a cookbook together.

Received a cookbook kit from cookbookoriginals.com.

Printing Plus could do it for $5.60 a copy.

David Margetta felt he wouldn’t do as good a job as Printing Plus.

Committee felt she should look seriously into Printing Plus..

Fran said her group would type in the recipes to save some cost.

Pre-order the minimum. Possibly 250-300 copies. Will check into up-front payment.

Information could be put on website. Purchases could be made ahead through website.

Felt a disclaimer should be added that all recipes would not be published.

Would like the recipes by August 1, 2009, sent to Printing Plus and have the books ready for sale by November 30. This way copies might be available by Christmas.

Need to know if a reprinting can be accomplished in the future if additional copies needed. Fran would check into this.

Yearbook: Jan (committee liaison) gave the report. Decided to call it a History Book instead of a Yearbook. Looking for history. Will work with theme that is chosen.

Had meeting with Taylor Publishers. They would do a lot of the work for us— scanning, put link on website, etc.

Could do 500 books for $9,044. Possibly sell for $40. Jan has signed a Contract of Interest. Would need 50% down by May 1, 2010; the remaining by July 14, 2010.

Question if they can do reprints.

Nuts & Bolts: Paul gave report. Elmer Johnson and Jeff Johnson are the co-chairmen.

Pat Colgrove will work with the local utilities in Ashland.
Bill Osmak will connect with the local landowners.
Jeff Johnson will concentrate on the busing.
Elmer Johnson will coordinate volunteers

Committee is waiting for numbers to see how many volunteers will be needed. Perhaps add to website that volunteers are needed.

Decorations/Hospitality: Linda gave report. There may be a person interested in co-chairing with Linda.

Linda wanted hospitality defined. Decided it was any time after registration took place. She will connect with the registration committee. Will have a group at Benoit and a group at Civic Center.

Ideas for decorations discussed.

Will connect with Kim Gucinski Pearce for decorations. Shirley Gerbozy Trautt and other volunteers would be willing to do any sewing needed (such as making flags).

Registration: See if Ann will be the liaison.

Will need up to 12 people to assist with this.

A person has been requested to work with the Pay Pal on the website.

Souvenirs/Theme//Auction: Nikki agreed to be liaison.

The theme name contest will be completed by the end of April. Voting will then take place online and with paper ballots.

Food: Mary Bailen Piff is the chairperson.

Committee is active, alive.

If caterers needed, should be decided by January 2010.

How will drinks be handled was questioned by committee. Civic Center will handle all cold beverages such as pop and beer. Benoit has its own beer/liquor license.

Contacts: Nancy is chairperson/liaison.

Handed out list of classes still needing information. Some of the members said they could help with certain classes.

A deadline of June 2009 was suggested to get lists. Put notice on website. Suggestion was made for Nancy to send out a notice to those classes that have registered to recheck each member of their class for current address/email, as many of the emails were coming back no longer working.

Fundraising: Pete Viater has been contacted and has agreed to serve on the committee. Ann has agreed to be the liaison.

Would like names of local people who are well-known and respected in the community to help with this committee. Other names given were suggested.

Need to develop a projection of money needed by the committees and the steering team.

Decided to have sponsor levels: Platinum--$1,000 or more; Diamond--$450-$999; Silver--$250-$449; Bronze--$50-$249; and Blue and Gold--$1-$49.

A request for contributions will be made on the website.

Legal: Bill discussed liability. Recommended insurance be purchased. Paul thought $300-$500 might be cost per has past experience with events. The cost of defense important to be included in the policy.

A new and separate checking account should be created now for the reunion committee. A second association should be created if and when it appears we will exceed $25,000 in gross receipts.

Sales tax discussed. Pre-orders should not be an issue.

State on website where money is going.

Website: Pam Noble Hawk and Mike Janes chairpersons. Jan and Terry liaisons.

Asked what we thought of website. Some were impressed; some thought a little confusing—perhaps too much searching needed.

How many pictures are too many? We want people to buy the History Book and not just look at website. Perhaps have a Trivia contest on the website—not a lot; just enough to get people interested in what will be in the History Book. Have a Trivia Topic of the Month.

Other Business: Proposed Schedule of Events: What time should we start? How do we get people out by 9 p.m?

Decided to have buses start on Friday at 2:30 p.m. Will serve food from 4-8 p.m. Be done by 9 p.m, possibly earlier.

Music discussed. Perhaps have a band play at the Avalon following the Benoit event beginning at 9 p.m.. Possibly put up a tent there also. Will discuss with Joyce Poppe.

Possibly having activities such as a Pep Band, a golf tournament, etc. were discussed. Need a chairperson for each event planned.

No Program Committee created. Decided the Steering Committee will handle the program on Saturday.

Steering Committee members will have an ondossagonaggies.com email.

Filming of schools was offered by Mike Frame. Decided to table this until the next meeting.

Other ideas: Write up a timeline of deadlines. Write up a budget. Send out a postcard advising everyone on database of the reunion dates and requesting recipes. Maybe find out a first estimate of head count.

Future meetings: Saturdays at the Avalon works good for all. For future meetings invite chairpersons of certain groups each time. Perhaps do a general meeting again. No dates set.

Thank you, Joyce Poppe, for allowing us to use the Avalon for our meetings.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Latest update on OHS Reunion

Dear Aggies:

Big news, our website www.ondossagonaggies.com is now up and running. We are very proud of this new and hip site that remembers Ondossagon and promotes the All School Reunion.

A great big thank you to Mike Janes, who set the site up, and to Pam Noble Hawk, who has designed and is managing it. The web site gives everyone a whole new dimension to our school and to the reunion that hopefully will live on, long after the reunion is over.

If you go into the Reunion button on the site – all the updates will be posted, as soon as possible, with current information. We will eventually be having registration, souvenirs, the all school yearbook, and cookbook online to sign up for / purchase.

We have a contest running on the site to “name the event.” The links are easy to follow and we urge you to send in your suggestions.

Other fun things on the site include: Listen to the school song, write / read stories about old times, and see old photos. If you are on the home page, notice on the left side - the map. This shows where people are logging on from, and at the bottom of the page - click on “watch in real time” and you’ll see who is looking at the site at that time.

From this point on, we will not be sending out any more mass emails, as all the information, updates, and contact links will be on the website.

Do you want to help with a committee? Let us know. Terry is the contact person at torkkoconsulting@yahoo.com

We can assure you that we have very active committees, working hard - developing wonderful plans. The reunion will be an event to remember!

See you on the web at www.ondossagonaggies.com Feel free to forward this email on to everyone you know!

Jan Lumberg Kupczyk ’70 & Terry Torkko ‘67
Co – Chairs for the All School Reunion

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reunion meeting minutes from 3/7/09

Co-Chairs: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko

Steering Committee In Attendance: Ann Bannister Green, Paul Beeksma, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Nancy Pagac, Bill Radosevich, and Terry Torkko.

Others in Attendance: Bonnie Huff Anderson, Mary Ann Augustine Anderson, Ed Augustine, Stan Augustine, Fran Snippen Bizub, Bonita Buss, Donna Detle Farning, Caroline Johnson Green, Kerry Johnson Hll, Elmer Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Eva Lindahl Kacvinsky, George Koval, Mary Ann Tolliver Koval, Fran Perkovich Louma, Dee Smart Nemec, Kathy Stuber Pocernich, Myra Radosevich Snippen, Nancy Raspotnik Walker, and Marie Zurian

  • Jan welcomed everyone. Introductions were made by all indicating the year he or she graduated.

  • Jan gave a brief summary of how this reunion idea started and why.

    • The class of 1968 was having a reunion at the Avalon when some of them talked to her about helping to get an all-school reunion going.

  • Audience was informed of the plans that have been made so far for the reunion and what has been accomplished.

    • Donations received from different individuals. This was enough to pay for the Civic Center Rental.

    • Plans for possible food for the two nights

    • We have a tent for the Friday night fish boil

    • Mike Janes has developed a website—under construction

    • Intend to do a fundraiser for the Benoit school building

    • A database with all the students, faculty, staff, and friends of the school is being worked on

    • Paul Beeksma will be handling the music

  • What did we want to accomplish today?

    • Set up committees - Plans for the event were discussed and those attending were asked to join committees. Those attending broke into committees they were interested in and began planning.

      • Fundraising

      • Contact/Search

      • Registration
      • Yearbook

      • Nuts and Bolts (tents, chairs, transportation, parking, etc.)

      • Food and Cookbook

      • Decorating/hospitality/marketing/souvenirs

    • Committees meet and brainstorm - Each committee will recruit members if needed, and formulate plans for the event.

    • Have fun

  • Reminisced for the rest of the time

Myra, Kathy, Nancy

In this photo (above): Nancy, Marie, Bonnie, Myra,
Front – Dee, Caroline, Kathy and Nancy

Terry, Dee, and Kathy

In this photo (above): Nancy, Kathy, Cliff, Caroline, Dee and Terry

Ed A.

In this photo (above): Ed Augustine

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Agenda: Reunion Meeting 3/7/09

We need lots of help in many, many areas such as: chairpersons for all events, telephone contact people to call classes, callers to get the names and addresses of teachers, school bus drivers, cooks, staff etc. Those with expertise in fund raising, expertise & coordination for the All School Yearbook, coordinators of OHS recipes for a cook book , food organization people, persons to take care of registration- name tags, etc, organization people for porta potties, transportation, etc, etc, etc.

Agenda for Ondossagon School Reunion Meeting
March 7, 2008

I. Welcome
A. Brief History, why a reunion
B. Introduction of Steering Team

II. Schedule of Events for August, 2010 Reunion

III. What has been accomplished to date.
A. Civic Center Rental
B. Tent for Benoit
C. Food concepts for Friday/Saturday
D. Web site
E. Intent to do major fundraiser for Benoit school building
F. Class rosters being collected and put into data base (including all students in Grades 1-11 in 1990)
1. Teachers and school employees
2. Friends of the school
G. Music

IV. Work to be accomplished today
A. Need each of you to sign in with your contact information (Do at entrance door)
B. Formation of working committees
1. Fundraising for reunion expenses (Nikki comments)
2. All School Yearbook
3. Nuts and Bolts
a. Tents, chairs, transportation, parking, garbage, toilets, set up and tear down)
4. Food committee (both days)
a. fish boil Friday? Subcontract out?
b. meal stations at civic center Sat.
c. beverages
5. Souvenirs (hats, cups, shirts, etc) (Artistic, marketing people)
6. Class/school employee contacts including addresses, ph #’s, email addresses (Nancy comments)
7. Reservations/Registration /money collection
a .Use Pay pal ?
8. Decorating/hospitality both days (greeters, crowd control, information source)
9. Cookbook
10. Steering Team Responsibilities (Oversee all committees, plus the following):
Program committee (Let us know if you have expertise/ideas and want to help)
Let me (Terry) know if you have a strong desire to be on the Steering Team

C. Breakout session now for each committee (15 MINUTES)
1. Today list all names and contact info for each committee member)
2. Today, schedule a meeting for your committee (meet within the next 20 days)
3. Have fun
D. At first committee meeting
1. Appoint a committee chairperson or co chair people
2. Brainstorm, plan, and make suggestions
3. Schedule a second meeting, date, time, place
4. Send minutes to Steering committee liason within 10 days of meeting
5. Reminisce, have fun

Fundraising - Nicki Gregoire ngregoire [at] nsbashland.com
Class/school employee contacts - Nancy Pagac n_pagac [at] yahoo.com

All other committees (for now)
Terry Torkko
torkkoconsulting [at] yahoo.com


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update from Feb 19, 2009

A recent update on the Ondossagon website announces a Steering Committee meeting on Saturday, March 7th at 1:00 PM at Benoit school.

For more information, visit the Ondossagon Aggies website at www.ondossagonaggies.com

Are you on the Ondossagon database?

We are compiling a database of all students/staff that went to school or have been affiliated at OHS.

Please send that information to Nancy at e-mail address: n_pagac@yahoo.com

Be sure to include:
+ Your name
+ Graduating year
+ Your current address
+ Your contact phone number
+ Your email address (if available)

We would like to save on postage costs and will email notifications whenever possible. Your personal information will be kept private and will only be used for purposes related to the Ondossagon reunion.

Also please email this information on to anyone you know that should be included in this data base for Ondossagon and have them contact Nancy at the above email address.

(Click the little white envelope below to quickly email a link to this info.)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Reunion to resurrect Ondossagon

Originally published in The County Journal
Published: Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:38 AM CST
Dan Satran Jr.

"The Last Hurrah," that's what the ceremony was called when Ondossagon School District closed in 1990. An all-class reunion, the second of its kind since the school was started in 1917, has been set for next year. It's being seen as a way to strengthen what has tied together alumni, faculty and even those who didn't get a chance to graduate when the district was broken into three pieces. These went to Ashland, Washburn and Drummond school districts.

Put simply, this will be a way to show love for a school district even though the main building is an eyesore, in almost complete disrepair.

The basics of this story are straight-forward.

An already hard-working steering committee has been formed, including: Jan Lumberg Kupczyk, Terry Torkko, Ann Bannister Green, Nikki Panusuk Gregoire, Linda Nelson Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, Paul Beeksma and Bill Radosavich. Interviewed for this, Kupczyk and Torkko said they are fortunate to have a committee with many individual talents, even one who is a lawyer and can help on legal matters. They are also taking advantage of the latest in electronics to reach those who should attend. There is a website on line, Ondossagonaggies.com; there is a facebook, Ondossagon Public School (already 178 are connected to this, 35 after one day being posted). And of course the internet is being used for e-mailing.

Classes are being used to form a network so the word can get out about the reunion. Already, 10 classes have located all of their members and reported in to the committee.

So vacations can be planned in 2010 around the reunion, the overall schedule has been decided: meeting at Benoit School Friday evening, Aug. 6 for dinner; then at Ashland's Bay Area Civic Center Saturday, Aug. 7 for a program and socializing (there will be special features at the center such as Huffs Store selling penny candy and souvenirs.

And for a school district known for the unusual, its Native American name meaning across the lake (probably a reference to its location along Chequamegon Bay, with a view of Ashland) or a signature sandwich, the "Bean Burger," this reunion is no small thing. Organizers believe there is the potential to have an attendance of just under 2,000.

Now the effort is to reach out beyond the steering committee and get others involved. A meeting for this will be at Benoit School (now called a community center, serves as the successor to the school district where a museum of sorts is maintained) on Saturday, March 7 at 1 p.m.

There have been gatherings for Ondossagon grads since it closed its doors for good. Individual classes have met such as a reunion for those who graduated in 1968, hosted at Benoit's Avalon Bar. But this event, is patterned after Washburn's Homecoming, an all-class reunion staged every five years (by coincidence, the next will also be in 2010). "It's something we've wanted to do for some time," Kupczyk said.

"This will be a celebration," she explained, "because it will be a way to call attention to how former Ondossagon students have excelled while they kept bonds that ran strong and true to the heritage of their school." Put simply again, she said it will be a way to "celebrate our culture." She said one of the purposes of the gathering will be to "highlight where we have come from, where we have gone."

Getting in touch with so many has already been a learning experience for the committee, Kupczyk said. "For example, I didn't know a thing about Facebook."

It's already been decided that the reunion will be a fundraiser to help with maintaining the Benoit community center where the Ondossagon museum is located. This display at the center, maintained by Peter Lulich and Vern Gillis, is so important that they have goals with money raised, to "keep the building going." Everything from helping to heat it, to better insulate the building, to putting on a new roof, to even installing an elevator have been discussed (as far as the heritage of this area, there was a standing room only crowd when a huge mural about it was recently unveiled at the center).

Kupczyk said she helped on the Last Hurrah, helping to organize a presentation by cheerleaders from the 1950s, 70s and the ones at the time it closed. Never fielding a football team, school spirit was generated especially by basketball teams, Torkko said. He noted that the usual bus routes would run after a game so that any student could attend. There were other sports, too, such as baseball and track.

Getting back to the purposes for the event, Kupczyk said it will be a chance, put tritely, for people to reconnect. "For example, the last time I had seen Terry (before they both volunteered to be on the steering committee) was in 1966 even though we had once been nearby neighbors." She said, "We know there will be a lot of reminiscing."

Attending Ondossagon, the two agreed, was like being part of a family. Even though the district had to close for financial reasons, class sizes had been as large as just under 75. And there was the tradition that goes with a tightly knit agriculture based area (thus the nickname, The Aggies). Torkko said of his family: "There had been a Torkko in the school from when it started up until when I graduated in 1967." He said one of the memories at the reunion, likely to come up, will be the horse drawn school busses of its past.

With well over a year to go before the event, reservations are not yet being taken. But the two members of the steering committee said that the help of hundreds are needed for different parts of the event. "The beauty of the electronic age is that a person does not even have to be in the area to help," they said.

So while many of the windows in the old high school may be broken, the building may no longer be heated and the gym may be used as a stadium for horses (the facility is used for animal care), there is still a lot of Aggie pride. It will come to the surface in 2010 thanks to some hard-working volunteers.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Steering Committee meeting date and agenda

Dear Aggies:

Progress is being made. The Steering Committee has set a meeting for Saturday, March 7th at 1:00 PM at Benoit school. We hope, by scheduling this meeting on Saturday, it will give those folks that live out of town, the opportunity to attend.

We need lots of help in many, many areas such as: chairpersons for all events, telephone contact people to call classes, callers to get the names and addresses of teachers, school bus drivers, cooks, staff etc. Those with expertise in fund raising, expertise & coordination for the All School Yearbook, coordinators of OHS recipes for a cook book , food organization people, persons to take care of registration- name tags, etc, organization people for porta potties, transportation, etc, etc, etc.

You just may want to come to see what is happening and ask questions. Great! ..........but don't be surprised if you are brought into the fold to help.

Don't forget to look at www.Facebook.comhttp://www.facebook.com/..........the Ondossagon fan site now has 178 members and going strong. I agree with many of you, Facebook is not easy, but once you "get it" it has quite the reach to be in contact with alumni and friends.

We received another donation, this came from Tomlinson's Auto of $100.00. Thank you! Thank you! Because this event will be large, there are many extras we will need, to just take care of multitudes - such as tents, porta potties, stamps for mailings, etc. Donations are appreciated. Contact Ann Green doublemint [at] centurytel.net

We now have a web site. It's under construction, but will soon be up and running. Thank you Mike Janes!

The site is www.ondossagonaggies.com It should be more user friendly than Facebook. It will have all the current information of what is happening for the reunion, and have links to classes, etc.

Some classes have all their info in already. Those we have heard from are: 1942, '44, '47, '53, '57, '62 thru 72, '78 thru '80. Thank you so much! The sooner we have those names/addresses/emails the better!

The committee is a wonderful group, and we are committed to make this event the best it can be.........We are proud of our school and proud to be working on this exciting event. We'll see you soon!

We are loyal to you Ondossagon!


OHS all school reunion steering committee: Jan Lumberg Kupczyk Terry Torkko, Ann Banister Green, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Linda Nelson Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, Paul Beeksma, Bill Radosavich

Monday, February 9, 2009

Meeting coming up Saturday March 7 at Benoit School

Dear Aggies:
The All School Reunion Steering Committe has set a date for the next reunion meeting for Saturday March 7, at the Benoit school at 1:00 PM.

If you are interested in "stepping up to the plate to help" we sure could use you, or wish to ask questions, or just see what is happening........please attend. We'll see you there!

The Reunion Committee!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ondossagon All-School Reunion meeting - Feb. 5, 2009

Ondossagon All-School Reunion

February 5, 2009

Presiding: Jan Kupczyk

Those In Attendance: Ann Bannister Green, Paul Beeksma, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Nancy Pagac, Bill Radosevich, and Terry Torkko.

Ann Bannister nominated Janice Kupczyk as Chairperson, Nikki seconded, she was unanimously approved.

It was suggested there be a co-chairperson. Terrry Torkko was nominated by Ann Green. Motion was seconded by Nikki Gregoire. A vote was taken and was unanimously agreed upon. Terry accepted the position.

Still need a name for the event. Some ideas were given, but none selected.

We set up a meeting for Saturday, March 7, 2009, at 1 p.m. at the Benoit Community Center. Hope to get a large group of people to be there. Perhaps people from out of town will come since it is on a Saturday.

Jan will put a notice in the County Journal and the Evergreen Shopper. Daily Press????

Will need many committees created:

  • Fundraising
  • Yearbook
  • Lodging
  • Benoit Community Center
  • Food Program
  • Souvenirs
  • Civic Center
  • Decorations
  • Transportation
  • Website

Fundraising: Benoit School is in need of improvements. Should we do a fundraiser to help? Vern Gilles said the building needs insulation, a heating system, roof repairs, windows, and he would like to expand the display area. Perhaps could get some corporate sponsors. Matching funds. Have different levels for sponsors. List them in the yearbook and on the website. Perhaps have a raffle.

Yearbook: Reprinting of the 1990 yearbook was discussed. The editor has nothing. The publishing company is not around. Nikki felt it best to start a new one. Didn’t feel it was feasible to take the old book apart to make copies of.

Perhaps include in the book a “Did You Know” section with trivia or stories.

Lodging: Nikki questioned about reserving rooms at area motels for that weekend. She was in contact with AmericInn. They would be willing to reserve a block of rooms, even the entire motel. Perhaps talk to Mary McPhetridge from the Chamber. Let the area motels know what might be expected for that weekend.

Food: Someone has a cookbook from OHS. Perhaps have Breakwater cater. Or have Sharon Margetta cater. Will need headcount for caterers. Perhaps different booths such as on Bay Days. How do we charge for food? One price for Friday and one price for Saturday?

Discussion of beer license brought up. Both the Benoit Center and the Civic Center have one. Perhaps have Mason Ambulance have a beer stand.

Website: Mike Janes has a site out there: ondossagonaggies.com. Check it out. It is under construction. Could list sponsors here. Have people register here. PayPal charges 3% but feel it will be worth it. Have people purchase merchandise through here. Have trivia or stories told here.

Souvenirs/Decorations: T-shirts discussed. Need people to set up the Civic Center and Benoit Community Center. Huff’s Store replica. Individual sign-in stations for the years. Name tags. For souvenirs, we could have a link on the website.

Transportation: How will we bus people to Benoit? Buses? BART? Perhaps have parking at Dauby Church or at Lulich’s. Maybe have a horse and hay wagon ride to Community Center from there. Put a sign on Highway 63.

Other ideas discussed:

  • Use of a non-profit organization. Vern Gilles or Robyn Lulich would be contacts for 4-H.

  • Friday night music could be Bob Olson and other area musicians.

  • Saturday night music will be Paul Beeksma.

  • Paul thought he could arrange for us to get a tent.

Many good ideas and suggestions were brought up. We are hoping to get a good turnout on March 7 so this can be a reality.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

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