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Friday, July 30, 2010

6 days and counting

Aggie the Aggie says, "Only 6 days and .......music, music, music!" 
We have lots of music coming your way on Friday night under the big tent!   Bob Olson (yes our former science teacher) on accordion with friends.  A 30's and 40's band with local musicians, and The Kozar Family.  After the auction, the music continues with the Clayton Toman's Band followed by  Bob Sell's Gypsy Road Band)
All kinds of music, just for you!  See you there!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 days until the reunion

Annie  the Aggie says, "Can you believe it?  Only 7 days!
Remember Huff's store?    All the wonderful penny candy along with Sugar Daddy's and Sugar Babies.  Wonderful Ice cream bars, that we called Cheerios! They will all be for sale once again.  Complete with the little brown bag to put your candy in stamped "Huff's store".  There will be a ribbon cutting at 2:00 PM Saturday at the Bay Area Civic Center. Look for the original "Huffs Store"  sign in the corner - inside. 
There will be lots to do in the Ashland area over the weekend.  On Saturday morning there will be an old car show downtown Ashland, as well as a Muralfest!  If you haven't seen the murals located in  downtown Ashland, now would be a great opportunity-  as there will be host at each mural. 
Check out the Mason Museum.  It is free.  People will be amazed to see how much local history is on display.  Many will see family photos and familiar items from the area.  They have  renovated the Railroad Depot, an 1880s log cabin, and a children's playhouse all located downtown Mason. 
                                                                   See you soon!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

8 days until the reunion

Annie the Aggie says "Eight  days and counting!"

The Auction Committee would like to hear from you!  We have received many items for the auction but  would like a few more items to make this a very successful auction. This event is a fund raiser for the Benoit Community Center!

For the live auction (Friday) and a silent auction (Saturday), we are accepting donations of any and all types of goodies, whether it be arts and crafts, gift baskets, unique and unusual items, gift cards, etc.  Everything will be gladly accepted.

As Aggies from across the nation gather, specialty items from your "new" home region would provide an interesting array of auction items. 

Items can be dropped off or mailed to Robyn/David Lulich, 63375 USH 63, Mason, WI 54856 or email walker@ondossagonaggies.com  or myra@ondossagonaggies.com if you plan to bring items with you to the reunion. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

9 days until the reunion

Annie the Aggie says "Hi"  to all her friends.  Nine days and counting!
Wondering how parking will be at Benoit?  Well, don't worry!  Yes, we will be parking in fields, and it may be a little walk to the "action",  but - no matter where you are at,   the local  ATV club will be coming around to pick you up "in style"  with wagons to give you a ride to the big tent!  See ya there!
                                                                           The Steering Committee!

The Countdown begins

Hi Aggies:
The final countdown begins today!  All those registered (household) will receive a "piece" of Ondossagon!  Yes, we had a hardwood  floor taken up from a classroom at Ondossagon, sawed, cut, sanded and varnished.  Then lasered with OHS 1917-1990.  Perfect key ring.  Something for you that will last forever and remind you of a place you loved! 
                                                                        The Steering Team!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Updated Schedule of events.

All Aggie fans, alumni, teachers and friends are invited to attend the Ondossagon All-School Reunion on Friday, August 6 in Benoit and August 7 at the Bay Area Civic Center in Ashland. Pre registrations are recommended if you intend to eat and receive a souvenir tote bag. 


Walk-ins will be allowed on Friday and Saturday.


On Friday the admission fee will be $10.00 if you choose not to receive the souvenir tote bag and forego the meal.  The charge per day of full admission with the meal will be $ 40.00 per day.  We can guarantee a meal and souvenir tote bag only to those who have pre-registered.


Because of space considerations, there will be no reductions in the admission fee at the Bay Area Civic Center on Saturday and the admission fee will be $40.00 for walk-ins.



An updated schedule of events follows:




August 6-7, 2010



Benoit Community Center

Friday, August 6, 2010          2 PM - Midnight


2 PM - 9 PM                Registration – Benoit Community Center


2 PM - 7 PM                Continuous Live Entertainment Including

Those scheduled are:  “Bob Olson on accordion with friends”,   local “30’s and 40’s band”  and the “Kozar family”


2 PM - 9 PM                OHS Museum Open


2 PM - 11 PM              Cash Bar Open – beer, wine coolers, soda, water


5 PM                            Balloon Stomp


5:00 – 7 PM                 Bake sale including wine breads and Kolaches

                                    (Fundraiser for Benoit Community Center )


4 PM - 8 PM                Food Served (Cornucopia-style fish boil or beef stacker dinner)


7 PM                            Formal welcome with brief program including a brief tribute to our

                                    Deceased classmates.


7:30  PM                      Live auction in the Big Tent

                                    (Fundraiser for Benoit Community Center


8:30 PM - Midnight      Live music in the Big Tent featuring two bands

                                    A blast from the past with Clayton Toman’s Band and

                                    Bob Sell’s Gypsy Road Band



Bay Area Civic Center, Ashland

Saturday, August 7, 2010       10 AM - Midnight


9 AM – 1 PM                OHS Museum Open at Benoit Community Center


10 AM - 8 PM               Registration – Ashland Bay Area Civic Center


2 PM - 9 PM                Huff’s Store Open


2 PM                            Silent Auction Opens at 2 PM (Fundraiser for Benoit Community  


3 PM - 11 PM              Cash Bar Open


4 PM - Midnight           Easy Listening Music through the Decades


4 PM - 7 PM                Individual class pictures will be taken by Focus Photography


4 PM - 8 PM                Food Served (Ondossagon lunchroom-style service)


8 PM - 9 PM                Reunion Program




Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wonderful letter in Ashland Press this last Saturday





My first formal teaching assignment was a position at Ondossagon High School for the 1961-62 school year. I was assigned three classes of 9thgradeEnglish and two classes of beginning Spanish in addition to monitoring a study hall for one hour each day. My contracted yearly salary was $4,400, to Be paid in 12 equal monthly payments of $366.66


Looking back to that distant time, little did I know when I accepted that teaching assignment, my true education was about to begin. That said, despite the many challenges that were associated with my early teaching experiences, the three years I taught at Ondossagon were in many ways, the most beneficial and rewarding of my entire educational career. For that reason, I will always be indebted to the Ondossagon community and retain fond memories of a time long ago when I too was an "Aggie."


This narrative about an unplanned visit to the Ondossagon school building years ago was taken from a book of memoirs written shortly after that visit. Aware that those long-ago adolescents who shared my time at Ondossagon are now senior citizens about to partake in a much-welcomed reunion,


Perhaps this writing will spark some memories for that soon-to-be special gathering. In the summer of 1991, my wife and I decided to take a short trip and spend a leisurely day visiting the Apostle Islands. After a brief stopover in Ashland, intended to reacquaint ourselves with a home we had shared many years ago, we began the scenic drive along the south shore of Lake Superior. This familiar stretch of highway passed by the Ondossagon High School, a special place with special meaning, the starting point for my 30-year career as an educator in Wisconsin.


As we turned north on Hwy 13 and were nearing Ondossagon Road, I found myself deep in thought remembering my long-ago acquaintance with the Ondossagon School District. Aware that it had dissolved a year or so earlier, I wondered what had become of the school I had known so well years ago. Realizing that 27 years had come and gone since I'd said goodbye to Ondossagon, my growing curiosity urged me to spend a few moments visiting my past.


As we neared the country road leading to Ondossagon, I caught a glimpse of the vacant building in the distance. Time being of little importance, I thought, why not? A quick turn and a short drive passed some unknown farm buildings and we arrived at the school.


As I parked the car and quietly studied the building, my thoughts went back to a time years ago when I sat in that same parking lot debating my future. Having accepted a new teaching assignment in another school district, I had formally submitted my resignation from Ondossagon. I told myself I had made the right choice for me and my growing family, but I hadn't realized how hard it would be to say goodbye to a community that had given me so much. Of greater concern, I was leaving a special group of students who made my task of going to work each day a fun experience, the true goal of every teacher. Then again, I thought, the decision had been made and there was no turning back.


We left the parking area and drove to the back of the building quietly studying the remains of the old school. Aside from the need for general upkeep, the structure looked pretty much as I'd remembered it. A little messy perhaps, but no noticeable vandalism had yet taken place. Still, the various bits of farm machinery scattered around and next to the building looked out of place. Satisfied there was no more to see, we were about to continue our planned journey when by chance I noticed an opened door in the back of the building. My interest sparked by the possibility I might do some exploration, I parked the car and approached the open door hoping to meet someone who would give me permission to look around inside.

I shouted loudly into the darkened interior waiting patiently for someone to answer my call. With no response to my persistent greeting, "Hello," I found myself faced with a dilemma. Hesitant to trespass, yet wanting to go into the old school building, temptation beckoning, I decided to take my chances and enter the school prepared to explain my presence to anyone I happened to meet.


As I walked through the open door, I paused a moment peering into the darkened interior. The quiet ghost-like stillness inside the empty building seemed so different from what I remembered. As my eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness, I took note of various items scattered around the floor. Discarded books, papers, and other school-related debris lay in disarray — seemingly abandoned in the confusion of closing down the school.


With sunlight streaming in from uncovered windows allowing me to find my way, in a short while I was at the bottom of the well-worn stairway that led to the 2nd floor. Walking up the steps, I paused a moment, surrounded by the quietness of the empty building. Viewing the vacant classrooms, I tried to recall the names and faces that went with each: Mr. Strom, Mr. Larson, Mrs. Lamoreaux, and Mr. Schmidt, a good guess I thought.


My classroom was the corner room facing Lake Superior. It had been specially equipped for teaching foreign language. As I walked through the opened door, I gazed around the room feeling a sudden strangeness as I studied my surroundings.


The once-familiar classroom was at best a distant memory. No chairs, desks, or any furniture, hardly a trace of the sophisticated language laboratory that once occupied a large area on the far side of the room. (In the early 60s, the newly-installed language laboratory at Ondossagon was a modern teaching tool in its infancy. Designed as an aide in teaching and learning foreign language, it was among the first of its kind to be established in northern Wisconsin. As a Spanish teacher, I had the good fortune to be trained in the use this unique teaching tool that became commonplace in most schools in later years. Again, a reason to feel indebted to the Ondossagon community).


Feeling nostalgia as I looked around the empty room, I found myself opening a chest of memories as I scanned the once familiar surroundings. I slowly walked around remembering names, faces, and happenings of a time gone by. I stood a moment by a corner window and gazed at the empty shoreline of Lake Superior, remembering the many times I stood at that same window and watched as large ore boats sailed in and out of Ashland harbor. I thought for a moment how nostalgia is such a great thing, it lets us remember another time, perhaps more pleasantly than it once was.


I was about to end my visit when I glanced up at the PA outlet mounted on the wall. Kindling a spark of remembrance, my thoughts raced back to an unforgettable moment, November 22, 1963. It was Friday afternoon and classes had just begun. As I stood in front of the room teaching 9thgrade English, our lesson was interrupted by the shocking announcement that our president had been shot while visiting in Dallas, Texas. Alarmed by this unexpected announcement, our class abruptly ended, with textbooks closed we sat in silence waiting for more news of this tragic event. A minute or so passed and a second painful announcement filled the room. Our country's leader, President Kennedy, was dead.


A stunned emotional stillness filled the room as we all came to grips with what we had heard. What followed was a confused display of mixed emotions, a few whispers, but mostly silence. A further announcement stated that school was to be dismissed as soon as the buses were ready to transport everyone home. We sat in silence and waited. In a short time the busses were ready and the school day came to an end. I stood a moment and reflected on that tragic event, thinking of all that had happened in the years that followed. I wondered what had become of all the young men and women who sat with me that eventful November afternoon as we listened to the news that our president had been assassinated, wondered if they too remember that sad moment in time we shared together (Now approaching half a century).


With my wife Loretta no doubt wondering of my whereabouts, my pleasing journey back in time about to end, I took one last look around  the room. Noticing an eraser and a long-forgotten piece of chalk, I felt a sudden urge to mark my visit.


Pausing a moment, searching for words that fit the occasion, meaningless words to most I thought, yet fitting, I scribbled my goodbye on the dusty chalkboard, "Gracias por las memorias." It was time to move on.



Dan Johnson (Ondossagon, 1961 -1964) lives in Harshaw, Wis. After leaving Ondossagon he moved to Tomahawk, retiring from the Tomahawk school system in 1991 after serving 27 years as a teacher, coach


July 2010 Minutes


OHS Reunion Meeting

July 8, 2010—6:30 P.M.

Ashland Bay Area Civic Center


Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko


Steering Committee in Attendance: Paul Beeksma, Nancy Pagac, and Bill Radosevich


Absent/Excused: Ann Green, Nikki Gregoire, Linda Lindahl


Others in Attendance: Mary Aina, Patrick Colgrove, Annie Donahue, Caroline Green, Adele Korbein, Robyn Lulich, Fran Luoma, Julie Moravchik, Dee Nemec, Bill Pagac, Mary Piff,  Fran Snippen, and Nancy Walker


The meeting was called to order by Jan.


Minutes of the June 10, 2010, meeting was reviewed. Nancy Walker made a motion to accept. Fran Luoma seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer's report: Terry gave the report for Ann.  We had direct deposits of $2,575 at Northern State Bank and PayPal deposits of $900.  Our expenses were $2,168.88.  The current balance is $27,736.49. Bill Radosevich made a motion to accept. Dee Nemec seconded. Motion passed.




Registration:  Adele gave the report.  Her committee has been very active.  They had a meeting on the 29th of June for the purpose of assigning work time at the registration tables.  She distributed a list of the registration table coverage for the two days.   The work times will be in two-hour slots—starting at 1  p.m. on Friday at Benoit and then starting at 9 a.m. at the Civic Center on Saturday.


The bar will not collect money for beverages,  tickets  for beverages will be sold at the registration table on Friday night only.


The plan is to have three long tables for registration with two workers at each table (6 people). 
All the registrations will be alphabetized/grouped into six lines.  In addition to these six, there will be two helpers behind the workers locating/pulling the totes for the people as they register.

We plan to have at least one Registration Committee member on each shift - those members being Adele Korbein, Delores Nemec, Caroline Green, Ann Green and Nancy Pagac.

Food/Huff's Store: Both the Village Inn and the Breakwater have signed contracts for the preparation of the food. 


Yvonne Hill coordinator for Huff's store was present, and she listed the different types of candy that will be available at Huff's Store.   The Nuts and Bolts committee will be putting up the original Huff's 1 ½' x 4' tin sign for this.  


Yvonne and Nancy will contact the registered  volunteers with the times they will work.  Huff's Store will also be open Friday for the sale of souvenirs.  The sale of both souvenirs and candies will happen only on Saturday.  The booth will be set up Thursday at the Benoit Community Center. 

There will be a table set up at Benoit for the sale of bakery goods by the Johanik sisters.


Cookbook: Fran recognized Mary Aina and Annie Donahue (who were both present) for their help on the cookbook.   We will have 71 cookbooks available for sale at the reunion.  We discussed the possibility of  reordering  additional books after the reunion.   A total of 529 books have been sold already.  It was decided we will not reorder more. 


Decorations/Hospitality: Linda was not able to attend.  We did discuss the picture boards that the different classes will be creating.  The pictures will be displayed on the outside of the plexi-glass.


The projector will need to be 25' from the screen. 


It was decided to use Mylar balloons instead of latex balloons. 


The committee will be getting together on Tuesday, July 13, to cut out the lettering that will be used at the Civic Center.


Nuts & Bolts: Pat reported that there will be one Bayfield County officer on hand to patrol the area.  Mark Huybrecht will be setting up the electrical needs. 


The Chequamegon ATV Club will assist with parking and the shuttling of people to and from the parking area.  Jim Nemec will be in charge of parking attendants.


The number of volunteers to help with the tent was a concern.  The tent will need to be washed before it is set up on Thursday at 3 p.m..  This is a big job with many volunteers are  needed.   The tent will be taken down on Sunday beginning at 11 a.m.. 


There was a relatively small number of people who expressed an interest in the use of a shuttle service from Ashland to Benit on Friday. Fran Snippen agreed to phone some of these people to see if they would still want  or need this service. The group discussed the cost of a bus company at $80 an hour or a private person who would be willing to do this.  We will need a recommendation by July 20 when the Nuts and Bolts committee meets again.


Legal: Bill has drawn up the contracts for the caterers, and they have been signed.  He gave two quotes for liability insurance.  It was decided to go with LVS for $689 which would cover general liability at both locations.  It would include the liquor liability.  

We will need to keep our souvenir sales account separate from food sales account.  Another non-profit association is being drawn up for the sale of food.


Souvenirs/Auction:  Robyn Lulich was present.  She distributed a list of the auction items.  She said  that the items for the live auction on Friday will be displayed on a big screen so everyone can see what they are bidding on.  They have their own microphone. 


The silent auction on Saturday will be on the main floor of the Civic Center. 


Website:  Scott has been doing a good job on this for us.


History Book:  Jan reported that the history book is completed and ordered.  Interested parties  can still order them online or by the order form.


Music:   Paul talked about the pep band.  It was felt that there was not enough interest to have it.   He will organize a group of musicians to play 30's and 40's music before the dinner from  3-4 p.m.


We need a list of who would be willing to play the accordion between 4-7 p.m.  Perhaps we could have iPod music.  The two live bands will be playing from 8:30 p.m.-midnight.  




Parade:  The 4th of July parade went well.  It was a fun time.  It was nice to see the people in the crowds who cheered for us.


Friday program:  The program will start at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m. Don Slicer has agreed to  emcee  and introduce the performers / events.  And will introduce Julie Moravchik who will present  the Friday "Program."  It  will consist of welcoming the people, the audience singing the school song, Keith Schmidt talking about the history of Ondossagon, the introduction of the Steering Committee, Reino Hill releasing doves in memory of our deceased classmates, and helping classmates find each other in specified areas under the tent.


The auction will start at 7:30 p.m.


After some discussion it was decided that we would charge a $10 admission fee for walk-ins beginning at the 2 p.m. starting time for those people who do not want to eat the meal.  They would also not be given a grab bag.  There will not be any discounts for the walk-ins on Saturday due to space limitations at the Bay Area Civic Center.  They will be charged $40.00 to be admitted on that evening.


We will put in the Daily Press the revised program schedule for Friday night.


Saturday program: Paul Beeksma has agreed to do the introduction of Julie.   The school song will be sung.   There will be a proclamation made by J. B. Van Hollen. The video will be played.  The Warren Nelson "Never Say Goodbye to the Blue and Gold" song will be sung.  The Steering Committee will be introduced.  There will be a formal presentation of a plaque for David Hnath.


A 10-15 minute long video is ready.  It was decided to have 200 CDs burned and for $5 each.  They will be put in a jewel case and will label them with the Ondossagon logo.  These CDs will be sold later on Saturday evening after the program  for $10 each.


Article in Daily Press:  Julie Moravchik has sent an article to the Daily Press.  It should be published shortly. 


Miscellaneous:  The steering committee members should have their cell phones with them during the event.   We will attempt to secure 18 safety vest for the Steering Team and the committee chair people to wear.


Next meeting date: Thursday, August 5, at 6:30 at the Benoit Community Center


Adele made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Dee seconded.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Minutes for June 10, Steering meeting


OHS Reunion Meeting

June 10, 2010—6:30 P.M.

Vaughn Library


Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko


Steering Committee in Attendance: Paul Beeksma, Ann Green, Linda Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, and Bill Radosevich


Absent/Excused: Nikki Gregoire


Others in Attendance: Bonita Buss,  Patrick Colgrove, Adele Korbein, Fran Luoma, Julie Moravchik, Mary Piff,  Josie Skulan, Fran Snippen, Myra Snippen, and Nancy Walker


The meeting was called to order by Jan.


Minutes of the May 13, 2010 meeting were reviewed. Ann made a motion to accept. Adele seconded. Motion passed.


Treasurer's report: Ann reported checks were written out for $5,507.  The final payment on the history book was paid.  We have $26,435.36 as a current balance. Josie made a motion to accept. Fran Luoma seconded. Motion passed.




Nuts & Bolts: Pat Colgrove was in attendance.  He reported that Waste Management will be handling the trash pickup.  We will have 10 porta potties on hand.  Bayfield County will assist in traffic control.  A suggestion was made to hire an off-duty police officer to patrol the area.  The Mason ambulance will be on site. 


The Chequamegon ATV Club will assist with parking and the shuttling of people to and from the parking area.  Jim Nemec will be in charge of parking attendants.


Event parking signs will be borrowed from the city of Ashland.  The usage of the tent has been arranged.  


The availability of tables and chairs is still a concern.  A consensus of the committee was to contract with True North Rentals for 399 chairs and 50 tables. True North will set up and take down.


The tent will be set up Thursday.  The approximate size is 70' x 100'.  Barn fans will be utilized in case of hot weather; the area may be sprayed for insects if there is the need.  Lighting will be provided with the tent.  There are generators available for our use. 


The 4-H club is available for clean up on Saturday.


The group discussed the use of shuttle service.  Nancy will get the final statistics of how many requested this service. 


The photo shoot cut out was mentioned.  Could the Nuts and Bolts committee have it done by the 4th of July?  The idea was to have a shape of a school bus used to take these shots. 


A stand to hold the Huff's Store sign was also brought up.  The committee will see what can be done.  Thank you, Pat for coming to the meeting.


Cookbook: Fran has been checking the area sales.  There are 77 cookbooks left at the different outlets.  She has 75 at her house.  Ann has 5 at her house.  There are approximately 75 people who have ordered cookbooks ahead (of these, 40 have already been shipped; the rest people will pick up at the reunion).  We will probably have to reorder additional books for sale at the reunion.   


Food:  Mary Piff was present.  No one from the Village Inn, who will be catering the fish boil on Friday, was able to attend.  We have a signed contract with the Breakwater and are working on the contract with the Village Inn for the fish boil.  Both caterers will need to have an advance count by July 24.


Registration:  Ann gave the report.  Her committee has gotten together to work with the registration data that has been collected.  Each member was given a group of registrations to go through to make sure the data entered in the spreadsheet was correct.


The question was asked of where the registration tables would be located at Benoit.  The decision was that they would be in the tent.   There will be six registration tables with the people handling different letters of the alphabet at their table.  An idea was given to use hay bales to form the different lines and to have one line for walk-ins.


The August steering committee meeting will be on August 5.  It was suggested we have it at the Benoit Community Center.


The registration committee will; be handling money for walk-ins. 


Legal: Bill has drawn up the contracts for the caterers.  We will sell beer and wine under the license of the Benoit Community Center.  We will carry our own insurance, and Bill is currently securing quotes for a policy period of one week. 


We will need to keep our souvenir sales account  separate from food sales account.  Another non-profit association is being drawn up for the sale of food.


Souvenirs/Auction:  Nancy and Myra were in attendence.  They had a tour of Mason School to search for any items that might be used for the auction.  They did find a few items.  Some of the items might be of  better in the museum.  Robyn Lulich will meet with Vern Gillles to get his input.


There was a pommel horse at the school.  They wanted to know if the steering committee thought that would be a good thing to auction off.  The steering committee thought it would be. 


Jan had a Wannabe t-shirt that was made up for the reunion.  They should be available next week for sale on the web site and at the New England store.


Website:  We have a new addition to the website committee. Scott Nesvold has offered to help. Pam has given him full access to the website.  Thank you to both Pam and Scott.


History Book:  Jan reported that 200 history books have been ordered upfront.  The committee will not accept any more pictures. History books will be available for purchase both now and through the reunion as supplies are available. Those who ordered in advance will be able to pick them up at the reunion.  Those who ordered and wanted them shipped will receive them after August 6, 2010.


Decorations/Hospitality: Linda had a meeting with her committee on June 8.  They will be having another meeting on June 16.  It was decided that there will be no decorating at the Benoit Community Center on Thursday, August 5, but will decorate at Benoit on Friday morning from 8-12 noon instead so items will not be left unattended overnight.  Takedown will be from 11:30 p.m.-1:00 a.m. after the event.


The Bay Area Civic Center times will be Wednesday, August 4, from 5-9 p.m. and Thursday, August 5, from 5-9 p.m.  The Thursday times may be shortened if we get everything done on Wednesday night.
The Friday event at the Benoit Community Center will be the 50's theme.   Linda showed some of the great items that will be displayed.  The Saturday event at the Ashland Bay Area  Civic Center will be divided by decades. They will include a section for staff also.


The committee is still in need of individuals to bring in memorabilia of some event that happened during their time at Ondossagon (could be a sports happening, a play they were in, perhaps Freshmen initiation, graduation, or some event they remember. These will go either on a 3 x 4 area.  The people should contact Linda at lindaneeko@hotmail.com if there are questions.


Music:   Paul would like someone to volunteer to coordinate the pep band.  It was suggested that perhaps Donald Slicer would be willing to do this.  He will be contacted.




Friday program:  There will be a short (15 minute) program.  Julie Moravchik was at the meeting to give an idea of what to expect in the program. There will be introductions of certain groups of people.  There may be stories about teachers, cooks, etc.


We would like someone to introduce Julie.  (Perhaps Donald Slicer would do that.)


The slide show will be played (not sure if during meal or after meal).  Julie and Paul should get together to see how this will be aired.   


We will have the wooden cut out at Benoit to be used for picture taking.  The school song will be sung.


Saturday program: There will be a proclamation made by J. B. Van Hollen.


A 10-15 minute long DVD produced by Julie Moravchik will be played.  These will be available for purchase after the program.  We are looking for someone to mass produce these.  Julie will look into this.  It was suggested that the Ondossagon logo be put on these.


Article in Daily Press: The article by Linda on the cooks was in the newspaper.  Good job, Linda.  The next article will be created by Julie Moravchik.


Miscellaneous:  We would like to make sure Jan has everyone's current eamil addresses.


The subject of walk-ins was brought up again.  How do we stop them from walking in?  Perhaps we will need to put a stamp on people's hands to know who has registered. 


The steering committee members should have their cell phones with them during the event.  Everyone should give his or her number to Jan. 


We will have a float in the Ashland 4th of July parade. It will start at 12 noon on Sunday, the 4th.  Jan will coordinate this.  She is looking for volunteers to help with the float and to ride the float.  It was suggested we have a majorette lead the Ondossagon float.  Nancy Raspotnik may do it.


The next meetings have been set for July 8 and August 5.


Next meeting date: Thursday, July 8, at 6:30 at the Vaughn Library.


Adele made a motion to adjourn the meeting.  Linda seconded.  Motion passed.


Meeting adjourned

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