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1940 Class Song and Class Roster

Thank you to Dot (Laurion) Bourgo for sharing these song lyrics and the 1940 class roster!

OHS Reunion Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

OHS Reunion Steering Committee Meeting
April 25, 2009

Presiding: Jan Lumberg Kupczyk and Terry Torkko
Others in Attendance: Paul Beeksma, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Linda Nelson Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, Bill Radosevich
Guest: Fran Bizub Snippen
Excused: Ann Bannister Green

Minutes of the March 7, 2009, meeting were reviewed. Nikki made a motion to accept; Linda seconded.

Treasurer’s report was presented by Terry in place of Ann. Nancy made a motion to accept; Nikki seconded.


Terry advised the subcommittees are semi autonomous. The steering team needs to be kept informed to allow for proper coordination of committees and executing the reunion plans.

Cookbook: Fran Snippen discussed the various choices for putting a cookbook together.

Received a cookbook kit from

Printing Plus could do it for $5.60 a copy.

David Margetta felt he wouldn’t do as good a job as Printing Plus.

Committee felt she should look seriously into Printing Plus..

Fran said her group would …