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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ondossagon Aggies get on the basketball map

From the Ashland Daily Press, January 16, 2010
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

OHS Reunion Meeting Minutes - December 3, 2009

OHS Reunion Meeting
December 3, 2009—6:30 p.m.
Vaughn Library

Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko
Steering Committee in Attendance: Ann Green, Linda Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, Mary Piff, and Bill Radosevich
Absent/Excused: Paul Beeksma and Nikki Gregoire
Others in Attendance: Sharon Chilikas, Caroline Green, Cliff Green, and Elmer Johnson,

Minutes of the November 7, 2009, meeting were reviewed. Ann made a motion to accept. Sharon seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ann Green. We received one donation since the last meeting. We have $3,723.71 in bank. PayPal is ready to go—but it has not been posted on the website yet.

Linda made a motion to accept. Mary seconded. Motion passed.


Cookbook: Jan read the report Fran had submitted. The draft of the cookbook has been submitted. Three hundred cookbooks with 107 pages and 200 recipes hopefully will be available 12/1/09. Ann will write a check for them.

Food: Mary gave the report. Sharon is concerned about catering due to the nature of her current business. It was recommended we still look into others. Normal time to book a caterer would be at least four months in advance. The locations of the events are both licensed; therefore, she could cook the meals there.

The Friday night meal will be the Cornucopia fish boil group. The meal will include fresh whitefish with baby red potatoes, coleslaw, corn, roll, and dessert. It was decided that the second selection be a roast beef sandwich with salad, vegetable, and dessert.

The Saturday night meal will be a cafeteria style with Ondossagon lunchroom choices: beanburgers, spaghetti, wiener roll-ups, tossed salad, and dessert.

Nuts & Bolts: Elmer gave the report. He stated there might be a problem getting some additional land for parking, but they believe there is sufficient parking in the five-acre field behind the Benoit Community Center.

As all Friday night events will be under the tent at the Benoit Community Center, we will need additional power usage for bands and lighting. We will contact an electrician to see what we need. Generators may need to be rented.

Registration: Ann and Caroline reported. A draft of the registration form was distributed. Other items to include in it were brought up. The form should be completed by the middle of January.

It was decided to open at 1 p.m. on Friday for registration. There was a discussion on how to handle walk-ins.

Budget: Terry distributed a draft of the budget, and the Steering Committee agreed with the numbers.

Legal: Bill reported. Bill will secure some quotes for the insurance so the costs can more accurately be reflected in the budget. Bill advised there should be a contract drawn up with the caterers. He will help with this. In addition, Bill advised the OHS pictures being used in the yearbook and on the internet are in the public domain.

Decorations/Hospitality: Linda stated the committee would be meeting on 12/12/09.

Souvenirs/Theme//Auction: Jan read an email from Myra Snippen. They are waiting for the artwork before they proceed with shirts and other items for sale. They are concerned about needing more help in the Ashland area to really kick off the auction.

History Book: Jan read Ed Augustine’s report and discussed the Taylor website with the group. Each member of the committee was given the “trial link” from Taylor for ordering the history book. The books will be ordered from that site. Paper orders can be sent to Ed.

Website: Terry and Jan will be having a conference call with Pam to discuss the website.

Fundraising: Terry gave the report. It appears we have enough for the printing of the cookbook and mailing of registration forms.


Filming of Interviews: Ann made a motion- to allow Julie Moravchik to develop a DVD for the reunion, including the filming of interviews, at a cost of $500. Elmer seconded. Motion passed.

Monthly Article in Daily Press: Claire Doucette of the Daily Press has been very supportive for the publishing of articles in the Daily Press and County Journal.

Next meeting dates: Thursday, January 14, 2010, at 6:30 at the Vaughn Library..

Motion to adjourn was made by Elmer; seconded by Ann. Motion passed

Meeting adjourned.

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