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Then and Now

Paul Broten (OHS '53) recently emailed these two pictures to our Ondossagon photo album Hello fellow AGGIES. These are a couple of photos of the class of 1953. The one with the gowns of course is when we graduated. The other is of a class reunion, probably around 1983 or 1988. Perhaps someone can ask around to put a name to everyone. Your fellow AGGIE, Paul Broten - Class of 53 How neat is that? Do you have any "Then and Now" pictures you'd like to share? Email them to and use the word PHOTO in the subject line.


I remember taking pictures of the freshman initiation when I was a sophmore. Some were even good enough to make it to that years year book. I remember a perfect season in basketball my junior year even tho I could not make a basket to save me. I also remember Nov 23, 1963 being in typing class with Mr Larson when we found out that President Kennedy had been shot in Dallas, then the period ended I walked across the hall to Mr Johnson's 1st year Spanish class only to have a follow-up anouncement saying that he died. Gary L Pade