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Web site will be closing

Dear Aggies: As of the 31st of December, we will no longer be managing the web site.  All the links will be removed.  If you wish to find a link that had been previously posted here, you will find it on  Facebook - Ondossagon Public School link - listed below.  It is not our intent to continue to add anything new  to the Facebook site, but it will remain online, until Facebook advises us differently. We hope you enjoyed the reunion, or reading about it on this website. Thank you all so very, very much for your wonderful support and hope that another group will come together to plan a future event.    Wishing you all a most joyous New Year! The Ondossagon All-School Reunion Steering Committee

Fund transfer of $22,100.51 to Benoit

Dear Aggies: Today the Ondossagon All-School Reunion committee presented the Benoit Community Building with a check for $22,100.51.  We were very proud and happy to give them this money to support their facility.  The Steering Committee