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Are you on the Ondossagon database?

We are compiling a database of all students/staff that went to school or have been affiliated at OHS. Please send that information to Nancy at e-mail address: Be sure to include: + Your name + Graduating year + Your current address + Your contact phone number + Your email address (if available) We would like to save on postage costs and will email notifications whenever possible. Your personal information will be kept private and will only be used for purposes related to the Ondossagon reunion. Also please email this information on to anyone you know that should be included in this data base for Ondossagon and have them contact Nancy at the above email address. (Click the little white envelope below to quickly email a link to this info.)

Reunion to resurrect Ondossagon

Originally published in The County Journal Published: Thursday, February 19, 2009 10:38 AM CST Dan Satran Jr. "The Last Hurrah," that's what the ceremony was called when Ondossagon School District closed in 1990. An all-class reunion, the second of its kind since the school was started in 1917, has been set for next year. It's being seen as a way to strengthen what has tied together alumni, faculty and even those who didn't get a chance to graduate when the district was broken into three pieces. These went to Ashland, Washburn and Drummond school districts. Put simply, this will be a way to show love for a school district even though the main building is an eyesore, in almost complete disrepair. The basics of this story are straight-forward. An already hard-working steering committee has been formed, including: Jan Lumberg Kupczyk, Terry Torkko, Ann Bannister Green, Nikki Panusuk Gregoire, Linda Nelson Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, Paul Beeksma and Bill Radosavich. Interv

Steering Committee meeting date and agenda

Dear Aggies: Progress is being made. The Steering Committee has set a meeting for Saturday, March 7th at 1:00 PM at Benoit school. We hope, by scheduling this meeting on Saturday, it will give those folks that live out of town, the opportunity to attend. We need lots of help in many, many areas such as: chairpersons for all events, telephone contact people to call classes, callers to get the names and addresses of teachers, school bus drivers, cooks, staff etc. Those with expertise in fund raising, expertise & coordination for the All School Yearbook, coordinators of OHS recipes for a cook book , food organization people, persons to take care of registration- name tags, etc, organization people for porta potties, transportation, etc, etc, etc. You just may want to come to see what is happening and ask questions. Great! ..........but don't be surprised if you are

Meeting coming up Saturday March 7 at Benoit School

Dear Aggies: The All School Reunion Steering Committe has set a date for the next reunion meeting for Saturday March 7, at the Benoit school at 1:00 PM. If you are interested in "stepping up to the plate to help" we sure could use you, or wish to ask questions, or just see what is happening........please attend. We'll see you there! The Reunion Committee!

Ondossagon All-School Reunion meeting - Feb. 5, 2009

Ondossagon All-School Reunion February 5, 2009 Presiding: Jan Kupczyk Those In Attendance: Ann Bannister Green, Paul Beeksma, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Nancy Pagac, Bill Radosevich, and Terry Torkko. Ann Bannister nominated Janice Kupczyk as Chairperson, Nikki seconded, she was unanimously approved. It was suggested there be a co-chairperson. Terrry Torkko was nominated by Ann Green. Motion was seconded by Nikki Gregoire. A vote was taken and was unanimously agreed upon. Terry accepted the position. Still need a name for the event. Some ideas were given, but none selected. We set up a meeting for Saturday, March 7, 2009, at 1 p.m. at the Benoit Community Center. Hope to get a large group of people to be there. Perhaps people from out of town will come since it is on a Saturday. Jan will put a notice in the County Journal and the Evergreen Shopper. Daily Press???? Will need many committees created: Fundraising Yearbook Lodging Benoit Community Center Food Program Sou