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6 days and counting

Aggie the Aggie says, "Only 6 days and, music, music!"    We have lots of music coming your way on Friday night under the big tent!   Bob Olson (yes our former science teacher) on accordion with friends.  A 30's and 40's band with local musicians, and The Kozar Family.  A fter the auction, the music continues with the Clayton Toman's Band followed by  Bob Sell's Gypsy Road Band )   All kinds of music, just for you!  See you there!

7 days until the reunion

Annie  the Aggie says, "Can you believe it?  Only 7 days!   Remember Huff's store?    All the wonderful penny candy along with Sugar Daddy's and Sugar Babies.  Wonderful Ice cream bars, that we called Cheerios! They will all be for sale once again.  Complete with the little brown bag to put your candy in stamped "Huff's store".  There will be a ribbon cutting at 2:00 PM Saturday at the Bay Area Civic Center. Look for the original "Huffs Store"  sign in the corner - inside.    There will be lots to do in the Ashland area over the weekend.  On Saturday morning there will be an old car show downtown Ashland, as well as a Muralfest!  If you haven't seen the murals located in  downtown Ashland, now would be a great opportunity-  as there will be host at each mural.    Check out the Mason Museum.  It is free.  People will be amazed to see how much local history is on display.  Many will see family photos and familiar items from the

8 days until the reunion

Annie the Aggie says "Eight  days and counting!" The Auction Committee would like to hear from you!  We have received many items for the auction but  would like a few more items to make this a very successful auction. This event is a fund raiser for the Benoit Community Center! For the live auction (Friday) and a silent auction (Saturday), we are accepting donations of any and all types of goodies, whether it be arts and crafts, gift baskets, unique and unusual items, gift cards, etc.  Everything will be gladly accepted. As Aggies from across the nation gather, specialty items from your "new" home region would provide an interesting array of auction items.  Items can be dropped off or mailed to Robyn/David Lulich, 63375 USH 63, Mason, WI 54856 or email  or if you plan to bring items with you to the reunion. 

9 days until the reunion

Annie the Aggie says "Hi"  to all her friends.  Nine days and counting!   Wondering how parking will be at Benoit?  Well, don't worry!  Yes, we will be parking in fields, and it may be a little walk to the "action",  but - no matter where you are at,   the local  ATV club will be coming around to pick you up "in style"  with wagons to give you a ride to the big tent!  See ya there!                                                                            The Steering Committee!

The Countdown begins

Hi Aggies: The final countdown begins today!  All those registered (household) will receive a "piece" of Ondossagon!  Yes, we had a hardwood  floor taken up from a classroom at Ondossagon, sawed, cut, sanded and varnished.  Then lasered with OHS 1917-1990.  Perfect key ring.  Something for you that will last forever and remind you of a place you loved!                                                                            The Steering Team!

Updated Schedule of events.

All Aggie fans, alumni, teachers and friends are invited to attend the Ondossagon All-School Reunion on Friday, August 6 in Benoit and August 7 at the Bay Area Civic Center in Ashland . Pre registrations are recommended if you intend to eat and receive a souvenir tote bag.    Walk-ins will be allowed on Friday and Saturday.   On Friday the admission fee will be $10.00 if you choose not to receive the souvenir tote bag and forego the meal.   The charge per day of full admission with the meal will be $ 40.00 per day.   We can guarantee a meal and souvenir tote bag only to those who have pre-registered.   Because of space considerations, there will be no reductions in the admission fee at the Bay Area Civic Center on Saturday and the admission fee will be $40.00 for walk-ins.     An updated schedule of events follows:     ONDOSSAGON ALL -SCHOOL REUNION August 6-7, 2010 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS   Benoit Community Center Friday, August 6, 2010  

Wonderful letter in Ashland Press this last Saturday

MEMORIES OF ONDOSSAGON   By DAN JOHNSON   My first formal teaching assignment was a position at Ondossagon High School for the 1961-62 school year. I was assigned three classes of 9thgradeEnglish and two classes of beginning Spanish in addition to monitoring a study hall for one hour each day. My contracted yearly salary was $4,400, to Be paid in 12 equal monthly payments of $366.66   Looking back to that distant time, little did I know when I accepted that teaching assignment, my true education was about to begin. That said, despite the many challenges that were associated with my early teaching experiences, the three years I taught at Ondossagon were in many ways, the most beneficial and rewarding of my entire educational career. For that reason, I will always be indebted to the Ondossagon community and retain fond memories of a time long ago when I too was an "Aggie."   This narrative about an unplanned visit to the Ondossagon school building year

July 2010 Minutes

  OHS Reunion Meeting July 8, 2010—6:30 P.M. Ashland Bay Area Civic Center   Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko   Steering Committee in Attendance : Paul Beeksma, Nancy Pagac, and Bill Radosevich   Absent/Excused: Ann Green, Nikki Gregoire, Linda Lindahl   Others in Attendance: Mary Aina, Patrick Colgrove, Annie Donahue, Caroline Green, Adele Korbein, Robyn Lulich, Fran Luoma, Julie Moravchik, Dee Nemec, Bill Pagac, Mary Piff,   Fran Snippen, and Nancy Walker   The meeting was called to order by Jan.   Minutes of the June 10, 2010, meeting was reviewed. Nancy Walker made a motion to accept. Fran Luoma seconded. Motion passed.   Treasurer's report: Terry gave the report for Ann.   We had direct deposits of $2,575 at Northern State Bank and PayPal deposits of $900.   Our expenses were $2,168.88.   The current balance is $27,736.49. Bill Radosevich made a motion to accept. Dee Nemec seconded. Motion passed. . COMMITTEE REPORTS:   Re

Minutes for June 10, Steering meeting

  OHS Reunion Meeting June 10, 2010—6:30 P.M. Vaughn Library   Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko   Steering Committee in Attendance : Paul Beeksma, Ann Green, Linda Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, and Bill Radosevich   Absent/Excused: Nikki Gregoire   Others in Attendance: Bonita Buss,   Patrick Colgrove, Adele Korbein, Fran Luoma, Julie Moravchik, Mary Piff,   Josie Skulan, Fran Snippen, Myra Snippen, and Nancy Walker   The meeting was called to order by Jan.   Minutes of the May 13, 2010 meeting were reviewed. Ann made a motion to accept. Adele seconded. Motion passed.   Treasurer's report: Ann reported checks were written out for $5,507.   The final payment on the history book was paid.   We have $26,435.36 as a current balance. Josie made a motion to accept. Fran Luoma seconded. Motion passed. . COMMITTEE REPORTS:   Nuts & Bolts: Pat Colgrove was in attendance.   He reported that Waste Management will be handling the trash pickup