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Did you send in your registration yet? Or register online?

Dear Aggies, Aggie staff,  parents of Aggies, and friends of Aggies,   Time is ticking down.  We are now  heading down to the final stretch!   We need you to send in your registration for the reunion very soon.  We are ordering registration materials, meals, parking signs, porta potties, tables, and chairs. Our food order goes in by July 24th.  Everything is based upon our numbers in attendance.    There are so many people,  working so hard,  to make this event one for the record books.  Help us by registering now!  Come join the 900 registered and enjoy the fun!                                                                         The Steering Committee

New T-Shirts Now Available

Take a look at our new T-shirts!  They come is Adult and Children's sizes.  Perfect for the spouses, children and grandchildren.  You can order them and  be mailed to you or for pick up at the reunion and save on shipping.  And if you live locally, they can be purchased at the New England Store, downtown Ashland.

Displays needed!

Individual classes, clubs, or teams are invited to create a display for the memory wall at the Bay Area Civic Center consisting of photos/memorabilia from their years at OHS. The displays will be mounted on the wall surrounding a portion of the interior of the building. Contact Linda Nelson Lindahl for details at 715-292-5285. Or email her at

OHS All School Reunion May Minutes

  OHS Reunion Meeting May 13, 2010—6:30 P.M. Vaughn Library   Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko   Steering Committee in Attendance : Paul Beeksma, Ann Green, Linda Lindahl and Nancy Pagac   Absent/Excused: Nikki Gregoire and Bill Radosevich   Others in Attendance: Bonita Buss,   Caroline Green, Adele Korbein, Fran Louma, Diane Martens,   Mary Piff,   Josie Skulan, and Fran Snippen,   Meeting was called to order by Jan.   Minutes of the April 8, 2010, meeting were reviewed. Ann made a motion to accept. Linda seconded. Motion passed.   Treasurer's report: Ann reported checks were written out for $6,367.57.   We have $28,460.84 as a current balance. Adele made a motion to accept. Bonnie seconded. Motion Passed. . COMMITTEE REPORTS:   Cookbook: Fran has been checking the area sales.   There are 77 cookbooks left at the different outlets.   She has 120 at her house.   She gave $190 to Ann tonight from sales.   Cookbooks will be sold at