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OHS Reunion Meeting minutes - Nov 7, 2009

OHS Reunion Meeting November 7, 2009—1:00 p.m. The Avalon Presiding: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko Steering Committee in Attendance: Paul Beeksma , Ann Green, Linda Lindahl, Nancy Pagac, and Mary Piff Excused: Nikki Gregoire and Bill Radosevich Others in Attendance: Adele Korbein, Fran Snippen, and Nancy Walker. Minutes of the September 17, 2009, minutes were reviewed. Treasurer’s report should have read $448.58 instead of $488.58. Correction was made. Linda Lindahl made a motion to accept. Nancy Walker seconded. Motion passed. Treasurer’s report was given by Ann Green. We have $3,703.71 in bank. Ann listed the newest donations that came in. PayPal is ready to go. We have an account with Northern State Bank. Before we can run it live, documentation stating we are a non-profit organization needs to be sent (Bill is doing that). Nancy Pagac made a motion to accept; Mary Piff seconded. Motion passed. Terry requested committees establish a budget they will need—h