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Aggies’ 1990 Girls Recall State Tourney

ONDOSSAGON AGGIES — The 1989-1990 Ondassagon Aggies basketball team included back row, Coach Dale Neibauer, Nikki Nohl, Kim Tudjen, Brenda Kontny, LeNee Empey, Maria Lulich, Jane Osmak and Assistant Coach Sheree Collins, and in the front row, Dawn Raspotnik, Erin Reiten, Ann Stolarczyk, Dana Johanik and Sara Mullin. By JANE OSMAK PUTCHAT Republished in its entirety from the February 22, 2010 edition of the Ashland Daily Press The 1990 Ondossagon High School girl's basketball team wasn't the first OHS team to qualify and play in a state tournament. In fact, OHS girls’ teams went before us in '84, '85, '86, '87 and '89. But in 1990, it was the last time, and that made for some additional excitement. Numerous times in between games that led to state, Coach Dale Neibauer was busy letting us girls take turns doing television and print interviews for local media. We not only answered questions about what it was like going to state, but also about what it

The Ondossagon All-School Reunion: A Work in Progress

Most of us have attended, at one time or another, a high school class reunion. We were concerned about our appearance, what clothes to wear, will any of our friends be there, and if we would recognize our classmates. Our spouses dreaded attending since they would not know anyone, they would feel left out, deserted for the evening while everyone else was having a fun time reminiscing and telling stories. And then there are those all-school reunions with a lot more people attending over a two-day period with great food and refreshments, live music, museums, auctions, a memory wall, cookbooks, history books, videos, proclamations, tents, souvenirs, and a candy store. Sounds like an all-school reunion could be a great time for all. And it will be! The eight-member reunion steering team and the nine subcommittees are hard at work to make the Ondossagon All-School Reunion THE EVENT of this summer in the greater Ashland, Wisconsin area. The Ondossagon School opened in 1917 and closed in 199