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Latest update on OHS Reunion

Dear Aggies: Big news, our website is now up and running. We are very proud of this new and hip site that remembers Ondossagon and promotes the All School Reunion. A great big thank you to Mike Janes, who set the site up, and to Pam Noble Hawk, who has designed and is managing it. The web site gives everyone a whole new dimension to our school and to the reunion that hopefully will live on, long after the reunion is over. If you go into the Reunion button on the site – all the updates will be posted, as soon as possible, with current information. We will eventually be having registration, souvenirs, the all school yearbook, and cookbook online to sign up for / purchase. We have a contest running on the site to “ name the event .” The links are easy to follow and we urge you to send in your suggestions. Other fun things on the site include: Listen to the school song, write / read stories about old times, and see old photos.

Reunion meeting minutes from 3/7/09

Co-Chairs: Jan Kupczyk and Terry Torkko Steering Committee In Attendance: Ann Bannister Green, Paul Beeksma, Nikki Panasuk Gregoire, Nancy Pagac, Bill Radosevich, and Terry Torkko. Others in Attendance: Bonnie Huff Anderson, Mary Ann Augustine Anderson, Ed Augustine, Stan Augustine, Fran Snippen Bizub, Bonita Buss, Donna Detle Farning, Caroline Johnson Green, Kerry Johnson Hll, Elmer Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Eva Lindahl Kacvinsky, George Koval, Mary Ann Tolliver Koval, Fran Perkovich Louma, Dee Smart Nemec, Kathy Stuber Pocernich, Myra Radosevich Snippen, Nancy Raspotnik Walker, and Marie Zurian Jan welcomed everyone. Introductions were made by all indicating the year he or she graduated. Jan gave a brief summary of how this reunion idea started and why. The class of 1968 was having a reunion at the Avalon when some of them talked to her about helping to get an all-school reunion going. Audience was informed of the plans that have been made so far for the reunion and

Agenda: Reunion Meeting 3/7/09

We need lots of help in many, many areas such as: chairpersons for all events, telephone contact people to call classes, callers to get the names and addresses of teachers, school bus drivers, cooks, staff etc. Those with expertise in fund raising, expertise & coordination for the All School Yearbook, coordinators of OHS recipes for a cook book , food organization people, persons to take care of registration- name tags, etc, organization people for porta potties, transportation, etc, etc, etc. Agenda for Ondossagon School Reunion Meeting March 7, 2008 I. Welcome A. Brief History, why a reunion B. Introduction of Steering Team II. Schedule of Events for August, 2010 Reunion III. What has been accomplished to date. A. Civic Center Rental B. Tent for Benoit C. Food concepts for Friday/Saturday D. Web site E. Intent to do major fundraiser for Benoit school building F. Class rosters being collected and put into data base (including all students in Grades