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Happy Holidays everyone, Yes they are still coming. New Year's is on its way. I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas this past weekend. Our last storm waited until early Christmas evening to start its fury. We had to chip ice to get out of our doors! I pray everyone was safe on the highways. And those who are Green and Gold fans, the Packers made us all smile with their win on Christmas Eve. Enjoy this next group of pictures. We are almost to the reunion year. Happy New Year to all. Have fun celebrating, be safe.

from Ondossagon Public School

Good Evening Aggies, After the freezing cold this weekend, it is so nice to be able to run outside and not spend 15 minutes getting all those warm layers on. We are only 4 days away from Christmas, so I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Maybe some of you will be coming up north to spend time with family. If so, be safe on your trip and enjoy time with your loved ones. Blessings everyone.

from Ondossagon Public School